Our Services

Creative Communication Strategies

TimePR’s creative communications paratique is based on the art of persuasion. That implies that the key messages are created and delivered depending on the target audience and target audience alone. Each story, each project, each piece of content and each key message is carefully crafted depending on the company’s target and aimed at all markets, investors, media, workers, business partners and consumers. Story’s design is forged around the needs and brand values.

Strategic Leader Communications

Effective communication is crucial within CEO’s GM’s and board members since it will affect the performance of the organization on a grand scale. A leader aiming his/her organization to be successful should be an expert when it comes to communication. Because communication can only be done by true leaders and the leader is the most important piece when it comes to corporate reputation. Anyone who works with the leader, workers, partners, investors and such, should be aware of the key message and must hear this through the appropriate media.

Strategic Corporate Communications

We believe that workers are the start and end point when it comes to communication. Best leaders turn their workers into champions of the cause. On that note, we create key messages for workers to carry it comfortably.

Brand Awareness

Brand reputation, concerns us as much as it concerns the managers. We work on key messages and provide with various tools such as Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) projects, crisis management tools, strategic brand communication to ecosystem meetings and deliver this through events or projecets.

Next Generation Media Consultancy

Media industry is currently transforming itself into a digital form. As technology advances, it becomes harder to notice where the real information is. They way it is produced and consumed is ever changing. We as TimePR, show our clients how to create good communication channels in this environment and we manage every step along the way into a digital platform.

Detailed Reporting

Communication consultancy is nothing without proper reporting. Therefore we provide our clients with scientific and knowledge based reports. Every decision we make, every step we make is reported thoroughly to our clients.