14 March

Greeneco’s Workforce Soar As New Investment Deal Settles

Greeneco Energy, continues to invest in renewable energy market of Turkey. With new investment deal coming live this year and with the construction of new facilities, the company will have the total investment value of 240 Million Dollars. The company also answers the solidarity coming from Turkish Government by adding a number of 450 new employees to its workforce.

Greeneco, a joint venture of Saray Holding and Acarsan Holding, is aiming to faciitate green, local and renewable energy for Turkey. For this reason the company is speeding up the investment process.
Established in 2012 with 110 Million Dollars worth of investment, Greeneco is consistently adding more value to its capital. A part of this investment is no doubt the number of employees. With a new round of capital growth the company is going through a growth phase, adding 450 employees to its workforce.
Chairman of Greeneco Energy, Kamil Özdağ stating the following regarding the new round of investment and employability; “As Greeneco, we are aiming at minimizing of energy import of Turkey. Our priority is to move with solidarity and create a lifeline to Turkey’s economy. To this end, we keep on investing and provide hundreds of positions.”
Özdağ, being the head of a company whose aim is to add value to the country, stated; “We value our economy above everything else. For this reason we keep on investing, creating positions for our countrymen. We will create 450 positions this year and work towards our goal. Our government did a great job providing tools for us to hire more people. People like us should do their part and have a similar approach”
“240 Million Dollars worth of investment”
Kamil Özdağ previously signed an agreement with Exergy SPA, an Italian energy company, stated that with that agreement they would finish phase three and four of their power plant. He also said, “Reaching our production target with these agreements gives us hope of achieving national jeothermal energy quota. Our phase two investment is on the way with help of Saray Holding and Acarsan Holding. We are currently undergoing engineering work and we hope to launch the first part of it on third quarter of 2017, second part in 2018. With that, we will achieve a total investment value of 240 Million Dollars.”
You can learn more about Greeneco at; www.greeneco.com.tr